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The World’s leading Heated Clothing Company. For over 40 years heated clothing pioneers Gerbing Heated Clothing have been developing self-heating technology to overcome cold at speed. Whether you’re jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, carving the slope downhill at 30 miles-per-hour or, as many of you reading this will have experienced, riding your bike in the depth of winter, Gerbing delivers the highest performance and most distinctive designs in the market. Gerbing makes wearable technology specifically designed for the temperature of speed. Our human bodies constantly give off heat. Consequently, the layer of air surrounding our skin forms something similar to an invisible, heated “air jacket.” However, when air flows around us, due to us moving through it or it blowing past us, this warm-air jacket gets quickly dispelled. The faster the air moves, the less of a chance we have to recreate the warm-air jacket – therefore the colder we feel! During summer months, the use of riding kit makes this phenomenon all but irrelevant. However, during the winter months even the best clothing will struggle to maintain this envelope of warm air around you. Gerbing Heated Clothing artificially introduces a new and warmer air jacket around your skin that is constantly replaced, even at high speeds when the wind-chill is increased, making your journey more comfortable and arguably safer. To illustrate this more clearly, when riding a motorcycle at 100 km/h in an ambient temperature of 0ºC, the wind-chill factor results in a temperature equivalent to -11ºC! Reaction times at this temperature are considerably slower and this, in turn, could make all the difference in an emergency situation. Gerbing are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the heating elements of all our garments. With proof of purchase, our no quibble guarantee means that if you should ever experience an internal wiring fault with your clothing, return it to us and we make a full repair or replace the garment FREE OF CHARGE.

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Dane stands for Scandinavian design, top quality materials, safety and superb wearing comfort. DANE is made by the pioneers of GORE-TEX® and has, for many years, been one of the leading specialists in GORE-TEX® apparel throughout the world. And we mean specialist in the literal sense: riders are their focus and all their apparel and accessories have been specially developed exclusively for them. Each year they subject new products to extensive practical testing, involving thousands of miles of wear in all possible weather conditions, before putting them into production. The results and the experiences of their test riders are passed back to the designers, who, as necessary, make alterations to the garments in order to achieve a perfect fit and optimum performance.

But don't just take our word for it - DANE products have received many, incredible reviews in the press. In fact, their new Nimbus Gore-Tex® Pro Jacket impressed RIDE Magazines kit tester to say it was "the most comprehensively impressive textile jacket I’ve worn in almost 20 years of riding” and praised the Lyngby Air Gore-Tex Pro Trousers for it's "faultless waterproofing" (August 2018). It has also been described as "top-end GORE-TEX® kit at real-world prices".

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Draggin Jeans

Using independent, globally-recognised CE testing methods, Draggin have proved time and time again that they are the strongest, most technically advanced motorcycle jeans in the World. Last year alone, they tested their jeans more than 150 times to prove their superior strength, durability and performance. That’s how they know that Draggin Jeans have double the abrasion resistance of all other riding jeans on the market. Draggin’s superior abrasion resistance and unparalleled slide time reduces the risk of a soft tissue injury in an accident by more than 300%. More protection for the freedom of the ride, nothing works like Draggin.

Like many inventions, Draggin Jeans seems simple. Yet as an engineering feat it remains unchallenged. Even 20 years later. Designed by riders, for riders and being bikers themselves, the staff at Motoport recognise the importance of feeling comfortable so their focus is on the road, and their overriding choice for Kevlar™ jeans is the original and the best, Draggin!

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