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Everything you always want to know about ladies heated motorcycle gloves

One of the questions we get asked most at Gerbing is: Do you make heated motorcycle gloves for women? 

The answer, happily, is Yes! Gerbing’s XRW Ladies Motorcycle Gloves are specifically designed for the female hand. They are stylish and light, while incorporating discreet hard-knuckle impact protection. 

This question is often followed by: Do you have to have wires with these ladies' heated gloves? 

The answer to this: No, you don’t have to – you can use the cable that comes with the gloves or you can use rechargeable batteries which slot into the back of the gloves.

How do Gerbing’s XRW heated gloves work?

These gloves are warmed via MicroWirePRO® heating technology - tiny threads of stainless-steel wire, wrapped in Teflon, are stitched into the inside of the glove all over the back of the hands, down the fingers, all the way round the fingertips and around the thumb. The wiring is so fine that you cannot feel it through the glove. It quickly creates heat all around the hand which will fend off the cold, enabling your hands to stay warm and comfortable and maintain full control over your bike in even the coldest conditions. We would always recommend heated gloves over heated grips for this reason – it’s vital to keep the fingertips and the back of the hands warm. 

Ladies Heated Motorcycle Glove

We believe the XRWs are the most durable heated motorcycle glove for women on the market. So confident are we in the high quality of our MicroWirePRO® gloves that we provide a lifetime warranty on the heating elements.

How are these heated motorcycle gloves for women powered?

There are two ways to power these Gerbing ladies' heated gloves: 

First, they can be used with small rechargeable lithium batteries. These are an optional extra, available from our website – choose from our 1ah, 2ah or 3ah battery kits. These will keep your gloves heated for between 1 and 9 hours, depending on which pack you buy and the heat settings you use. They slot neatly into a specially designed pocket tucked away in the back of the glove - you won’t even know they are there. 

Second, the gloves can be connected to the bike battery in the conventional way. The XRW gloves come supplied with everything you need (battery harness and Y-cable) to hook up your gloves. And if you own Gerbing’s heated jacket liner, you can connect the jacket liner cuff plugs to the gloves, running the gloves directly from the jacket. 

These options give you the best of all worlds and enable fuss-free short hops using rechargeable batteries, as well as cruising for as long as you like via the bike battery hook-up. How to control the heat remains the same: through the Integrated push-button temperature control. There are three levels of heat –push once for the lowest setting, twice for medium and three times for high.

What are the special features of the Gerbing XRW heated motorcycle gloves for ladies?

These gloves are waterproof, windproof and breathable, due to the Hipora® liner. Thinsulate® insulation and a brushed liner create extra warmth and comfort, while extra hard-knuckle impact protection helps keep you safe. The XRWs are touchscreen-friendly. 

A long-cuffed glove with an adjustable wrist closure, Gerbing’s women’s XRWs are designed to be worn over your jacket sleeve. They come in four sizes for a perfect fit and there is a how-to-measure guide, including a video, on the Gerbing website. 

Is there anything else you’d like to know? As ever, we are here for all of your questions – fire away!