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Gerbing Gloves - your frequently asked questions

Download the PDF guide here - this clear and information filled guide covers most scenarios.

General Gerbing FAQs

1.) How do I hook up my Gerbing heated kit to my vehicle battery?

The different combinations of Gerbing kit is quite substantial, so depending on whether you have just the jacket, jacket and trousers, jacket and gloves, jackets gloves only, and/or socks etc – will determine how you connect up your kit. Let’s assume you’re connecting this to a motorcycle. Essentially the battery hook-up cable will be attached to your bike battery and can stay on your bike battery for the entirety of the season – just remember to use the handy rubber port-cap to avoid water ingress and prevent damage to the connector. We recommend using cable ties to secure your battery hook-up cable to the frame so that the connector port sticks out to the left hand side of your bike seat. Why to the left you ask? Well, the next step is plugging in your temperature controller, whether it’s the dual controller (jacket + gloves/trousers/and or socks), single controller (e.g jacket only) or the junior controller (gloves only) – these temperature controllers will always sit to your left hand side as that’s where the connectors are, so it makes sense to have it as near to the battery hook up as possible. The temperature controller connects your product to the hook-up cable and allows you to control the temperature of your products, funnily enough.

To make it as easy-peasy for you as possible, here’s a handy poster showing How To Hook Up Your Gerbing Kit.

2.) How do I unlock the higher heat settings on the 12V Junior Temperature Controller (used with gloves or socks)?

The 12V Junior controller used with gloves or socks has 2 default regular heat output settings; 25% and 50% and two locked settings; 75% and 100%. These settings are locked to protect the user against potential injuries. There is a risk of over-heating if using the 75% and 100% output setting in milder conditions. In extreme climate conditions the user may decide to use these settings.

  • After connection to power source - Press button to switch unit on. The BLUE 25% light will show. Press button again to change output setting to GREEN (50%) 
  • To unlock AMBER (75%) setting - Press and hold button for 10 seconds and the controller will light up amber. At this point the RED (100%) setting is still locked. To unlock RED (100%) setting - press and hold button for a further 10 seconds. This is a one-time action only and it is not reversible. 
  • Once unlocked, these outputs will become a permanent setting option on the controller. User takes full responsibility when using the device at the higher settings. 
  • To turn off the controller, press button for 3 seconds or simply disconnect from power source.
  • N.B: Flashing Blue Light = Insufficient power supply (below 11v)

Gerbing Heated Clothing accept no responsibility for any injuries cause when these settings are activated!

3.) What colour fuse do I pop-in the battery cable?

What kit are you powering? As this will determine the fuse you’ll need. Pointing out the obvious but Gerbing kit is electrical and will draw power from your battery. The jacket liner for example, draws 6.4 amps. And the gloves draw 2.2 amps. And the two of them together? You got it, 8.6 amps. Therefore the 10 amp fuse is the one to use. So just follow the advice on the guide to hooking up poster or the instructions that are provided with the fuses, and you can’t go wrong. Should you need to purchase new fuses then these in-line blade type are readily available in vehicle accessory stores.

4.) I’ve gone to plug my Gerbing kit in ready for winter, and it’s not working…why?

Don’t sweat, it could be something very simple and solvable. Have you checked you have the right fuse, if any fuse, connected? It’s easy to forget to insert the fuse back in, especially after months of not using your Gerbing kit!

What is the condition of your battery hook-up cable? We always advise to keep the rubber cap on the battery harness when not in use because if the connector port has been left open to the environment without it’s protective rubber cap on or lubrication, it can become easily damaged or tarnished as water seeps in. It is a common issue we see every year. Some have resolved this problem by using a fine sandpaper to lightly remove corrosion on the tip of the female plug. Also check that the metal pin in the inside of the plug is central and hasn’t been pushed/bent through rough use. A replacement cable can be purchased from our site, just click here, or from one of our stockists.

N.B If you have recently switched to a bike that runs through a Can-Bus system, please see point No. 8 below.

Are you using batteries to power your kit? It might be that they just need a jolly good charge, or in fact they may have corroded over the summer. Visit our page for helpful tips on how to best look after lithium batteries.

We offer a 90 day battery + charger warranty, so if you do notice any issues with your items within this timeframe please do not hesitate to send in to us.

When using multiple Gerbing products and there is a performance failure, it can be a little trickier diagnosing where the fault lies. If you do have a multi-metre lurking in your tool kit, then this will help determine where the break in power lies. Always start with the battery hook-up and work your way back to the garment.

Please remember that you’ll only feel the effectiveness of heating clothing when the ambient temperature is cold, so do not test your kit when indoors.

If you have tried all these things and your kit is still not performing, we are happy to investigate further. Head over to our website for Warranty info.

5.) I’ve pulled out my Gerbing jacket, trousers and socks and it’s all a little musty… can I wash it?

Jackets, trousers and socks can all be washed by hand or on the lightest handwash setting on your machine with a mild detergent. Hang on a line to dry naturally - do not tumble dry. Check our our instructions here

6.) What’s the best way to treat my gloves? I don’t want to affect the electrical wiring…

Folks usually remember to treat their shoes but always seem to forget about their poor gloves! Gloves should always be treated with a leather conditioner/water proofer such as Nikwax. Our gloves use a waterproof Hipora liner however, this liner is underneath the outer skin of the glove which will still soak up water if not protected. Regularly treating your leather gloves, whether they be heated or otherwise, can double their life expectancy. We also recommend purchasing a silk glove liner. These are inexpensive and as well as helping to distribute the heat evenly, also create a hygienic barrier between you and the glove that can be easily taken out and washed.

7.) Where can I find the information about your Warranty?

Head over to our Warranty page where you’ll find all the information you need. Please note our warranty returns address differs to the office address, this can be found on the warranty returns form.


8.) I don’t want to connect the hook-up cable to the motorcycle battery. Can I power Gerbing kit from a different power source?

Yes, depending on your individual motorcycle. Many have an accessory socket fitted as standard so you can use the BMW/Hella/Cigarette adapter style cable.

Alternatively you can power your heated clothing using the Panel Mount Port kit or using Optimate cables – consult your motorcycle dealer or handbook for further info on your specific motorcycle power outlets. A great deal of accessory sockets on new touring style bikes run through a Can-Bus system. They usually have a limit to the amount of power that can be run through them; some of them relatively low. You will need to check with your motorcycles manufacturer as to what amperage you can put through your own bikes system. You may have to revert to using a battery cable, which, in our opinion, is the most fail-safe way.

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