12V OR 7V?

If you’re looking for heated clothing, then you can kick back and relax – you’ve come to the right place! Now you might be wondering, do I need 12V or 7V heated products? What’s the difference? What is right for me?

This will depend entirely on the purpose of what you require heated clothing for. The main difference between 12V and 7V is that all 12V Gerbing products are powered from a 12V power source for example a motorcycle battery, and all 7V Gerbing products are powered from a smaller, portable 7V lithium battery power source.


12V is more powerful than 7V, therefore Gerbing heated products in the 12V range will feel hotter!

This is perfect for say, motorcycle and scooter riders, or indeed users of any other powered vehicle with a 12v battery, who are exposed to windchill and cold temperatures. Simply hook up your Gerbing gear to a motorcycle power output and off you go! Gerbing also supply 12V portable lithium batteries that will power 12V Gerbing gear… please visit our “5 top tips for battery care” to consider if this option is right for you. We always recommend connecting your 12V Gerbing clothing to a vehicle battery when possible as it is the most reliable source; for as long as the vehicle is running, the connected Gerbing heated clothing will be providing warmth.


The 7V products are perfect for outdoor activities such as walking, horse riding, skiing, shooting, sport spectating, or for very short commutes by motorcycle or scooter. Unlike the 12v range, the 7V products are not connected to a vehicle’s battery and can therefore be used for a whole variety of leisure activities. Although not as hot as the 12V Gerbing range, the 7V products will provide a good level of warmth and will aid in regulating your body temperature.


Our human bodies constantly give off heat. Consequently, the layer of air surrounding our skin forms something similar to an invisible, heated “air jacket.” However, when air flows around us, due to us moving through it or it blowing past us, this warm-air jacket gets quickly dispelled. The faster the air moves, the less of a chance we have to recreate the warm-air jacket – therefore the colder we feel!

During summer months, the use of riding kit makes this phenomenon all but irrelevant. However, during the winter months even the best clothing will struggle to maintain this envelope of warm air around you. Gerbing Heated Clothing artificially introduces a new and warmer air jacket around your skin that is constantly replaced, even at high speeds when the wind-chill is increased, making your journey more comfortable and arguably safer. To illustrate this more clearly, when riding a motorcycle at 100 km/h in an ambient temperature of 0ºC, the wind-chill factor results in a temperature equivalent to -11ºC! Reaction times at this temperature are considerably slower and this, in turn, could make all the difference in an emergency situation.

There are different benefits to both 12V and 7V products, however they are intended for different purposes of use so you must consider what’s right for your needs. When considering purchasing heated clothing, it is important that you are able to regulate the temperature yourself using the push button control. You must not use any heated item near to your skin if you do not have sensation in the areas you wish to heat. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.