Gerbing’s top-rated motorcycle heated gloves - Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Clothing

Gerbing’s top-rated motorcycle heated gloves

Cold hands? Warm gloves! Heated motorcycle gloves are at the top of every serious biker’s shopping list and a great way to try out heated motorcycle clothing. Staying toasty on a ride will keep you comfortable but also safe - improving your response time and concentration while giving you optimal control over the throttle and brake.

After 40 years of invention, innovation and improvement, Gerbing is the best in the heated riding gear business, developing tech such as its patented MicrowirePRO, as used in all our motorcycle heated gloves, which ensures even heating and superior temperature control. MicrowirePRO - tiny stainless-steel fibres intertwined and encased in a waterproof coating - is the most effective heating platform in existence, warming up super-fast so you do too. This revolutionary system is so durable that all Gerbing heated motorcycle clothing comes with a lifetime warranty for the heating elements. Below are our top picks for motorcycle heated gloves.

The best all-round motorcycle heated gloves:

Gerbing XRL Heated Motorcycle Glove

Motorcycle News awarded the XRL heated gloves the title of Best Motorcycle Heated Gloves of 2020, rating them five stars for both quality and value. Its review added, ‘Gerbing stand out for reliability, snugness and sense of safety.’ The XRLs are also this year’s Begin Motorcycling’s ‘High Performance Pick’ motorcycle heated glove. The XRL’s are constructed with a breathable, waterproof Hipora membrane and Thinsulate to ensure they stay warm and dry. Waterproof, windproof and breathable, Gerbing’s XRL heated gloves hook up to your bike battery using the Y-lead cable supplied, but this full-length design also features specially designed pockets tucked into the cuffs to house a rechargeable battery supply – ideal for shorter rides.

The best motorcycle heated gloves for commuters:

Gerbing XR Heated Motorcycle Glove

Described by Ride magazine as ‘class-leading’, Gerbing’s XR is a short-cuff version of its top-rated XRL motorcycle heated glove and features the same hard-knuckle impact protection. It fits neatly under the sleeves of most jackets, making this style brilliant for regular commuter riders, and has an integrated visor wipe. The index finger has a touchscreen-friendly material so you can easily use a satnav or phone in the cold. These short XR heated gloves are powered from the bike and controlled via a push-activated temperature button on its wrist. Gerbing’s MicrowirePRO tech can be connected to Gerbing’s other heated clothing, ensuring that you arrive dry and warm all over.

The best for motorcycle heated gloves for women:

Gerbing XRW Ladies Motorcycle Glove

New for 2020, the XRW is inspired by the XRL but is specifically designed for the female hand. It’s a slimmer and more tailored fit, but incorporates the same discreet hard-knuckle impact protection and waterproof, windproof and breathable Hipora thermal liner. Gerbing’s XRW heated motorcycle gloves for ladies have deep cuffs, and are powered directly from the motorcycle or via rechargeable batteries. MicroWirePRO’s flexible heating mesh distributes heat evenly and comfortably and is controlled by the integrated push-button at the wrist.

The best motorcycle heated gloves for comfort and dexterity:

Gerbing GT Heated Motorcycle Glove

This is Gerbing’s premier non-armoured glove, perfect for those who are not keen on the feel of hard knuckle armour or who do not require the protection it affords. Made from a soft and supple drum-dyed leather that contours to the hand, it’s a sleek, stylish and lightweight choice for scooter riders, pillion riders and microlight pilots, as well as those with hand injuries. Another of Gerbing’s hybrid designs, the GTs can be powered from the bike and rechargeable batteries or plugged into the cuff plugs of the Gerbing Heated Premium Jacket Liner. One of the best heated motorcycle gloves out there, the pliable, short-cuffed GTs are designed to fit under a sleeves of most motorcycle jackets and the MicrowirePRO heating is easily controlled by the push button on the wrist.