Heated garments are a practical addition to any rider's gear collection, not just for winter

Heated garments are a practical addition to any rider's gear collection, not just for winter

While many riders associate heated clothing with winter, it's becoming increasingly important to have the ability to stay warm throughout the riding season due to unpredictable weather, sudden temperature drops, and unexpected rain showers.

Ensuring optimal comfort and protection during your rides is paramount, making Gerbing heated motorcycle clothing a valuable investment for any rider looking to extend their riding season and enjoy their two-wheeled adventures to the fullest.

The average temperature range surprises less experienced riders even during the spring and autumn. For example, in April, which marks the beginning of the riding season in the UK, the average daily temperature in 2023 was 8.6°C with a high of 12°C.

Riders can start feeling the chill, even at a moderate temperature of 12°C, within minutes of being on the bike. If your ride involves early starts or extends past sunset, the temperature can quickly drop, leaving you vulnerable to the cold. It's crucial also to consider windchill, an often overlooked factor.

Riding your motorbike on a quiet day (with no wind) will feel 4°C to 12°C colder, depending on the temperature and speed. For example, 70 mph on the motorway at 0°C will feel like -11°C.

Exposure to low temperatures for extended periods can quickly impact the body's core temperature. Even a drop of 1-2 degrees Celsius can affect concentration coordination and cause drowsiness - all potentially disastrous when riding a motorcycle. That's why wearing heated clothing is crucial for riders. With the press of a button, riders can warm up instantly using Gerbing controllers or the button on the heated motorcycle glove range.

In addition to keeping you warm during your ride, heated garments can help prevent muscle stiffness and fatigue. Riding in cold weather can cause muscles to tense up, leading to discomfort and reduced agility. With the heat from heated clothing penetrating deep into the muscles, riders can experience improved blood flow, increased flexibility, and reduced risk of injury.

Moreover, our heated motorcycle jackets and vests, with built-in heating elements, can provide targeted warmth for the chest and back, areas that are most susceptible to cold temperatures. This can also help improve circulation and prevent hypothermia, a potentially life-threatening condition caused by prolonged exposure to low temperatures.

Overall, investing in quality heated garments is a wise choice for riders looking to extend their riding season and stay warm and comfortable on their two-wheeled adventures. With advancements in technology and design, Gerbing's heated motorcycle clothing has become more versatile, lightweight, and comfortable than ever before. So why let the cold weather limit your riding? Gear up with heated garments and enjoy the journey all year round.