Enjoy the great outdoors and stay warm in the coldest conditions with Gerbing Heated Clothing

You don’t need to be riding a motorbike up an Alpine pass in subzero temperatures to love heated clothing. From horse riders to classic-car drivers, skiers to microlight pilots, there are many people who can benefit from heated clothing and for whom staying warm can mean the difference between having fun and having hypothermia. 

Gerbing, the market leaders in heated motorcycle clothing, has a range of kit designed or adaptable for all kinds of recreational and outdoor activities, including extreme sports. Here’s a guide:

Whole lotta glove – warm hands for all recreational activities

Freezing-cold hands can be really miserable, and cut short many a fantastic snowy day on the slopes. If you ski or snowboard, you’ll know how quickly your hands can get cold, especially on a chair lift, and it can be tricky to warm them up again. 

Ramblers, horse riders, birdwatchers, golfers, anglers and hikers all feel the chill. Standing on the sidelines of a football, hockey or rugby match is also prime time for numb hands… all that hanging around but not much moving is the surest route to getting cold.

Heated Gloves for Skiing

Gerbing has a selection of windproof and snug products that will keep your hands toasty-warm, all featuring tried-and-tested Microwire Pro technology and powered by rechargeable batteries. Its Heated Mittens are warmed throughout the entire length including the palm and thumb, and are ideal for anyone spending long periods of time outdoors in the cold. The temperature is controlled by a push-button regulator and the heat can last as long as nine hours.

For those who prefer gloves, we rate the comfortable OS textile glove. Heating up in seconds, it provides warmth on the top of the hand, fingers, around the thumb and also on the palm of the hands, making it the perfect heated glove for skiers. The gloves not only keep you warm but are also constructed with a waterproof/breathable liner to keep your hands dry. The OS heated gloves will let you forget about the cold and allow you focus on enjoying your time outdoors. 

The greatest (warmest) glove of all

Our very warmest glove option is the Gerbing Extreme Tough Outdoor Heated Gloves, waterproof, windproof and breathable, and lined with soft tricot fleece and Thinsulate insulation. It is leather rather than textile and is perfect for walking, cycling, and working outdoors and those who really feel the cold.

Microlight Heated Gloves

Heated clothing for high flyers, including microlight pilots

Felix Baumgartner wore Gerbing for his record-breaking skydive in 2012, free falling from the stratosphere about 24 miles above Earth. So, we are confident that Gerbing heated clothing will see you right for paragliding and microlight flying!

Cold, crisp winter days are ideal for microlights but it gets blooming cold up there. You won’t want to be worrying about losing the feeling in your hands and feet while you’re navigating a light plane (or dangling from a paraglider). Gerbing has supplied heated clothing to microlight pilots for many years, and these are the products that are microlight favourites:

Heated gloves

Any 12V glove will work, such as Gerbing’s 12V heated textile glove. This versatile glove is very popular with microlight pilots and classic-car enthusiasts, having a flexible feel and all-round warmth created by Microwire technology. These snug heated gloves are waterproof, which is key to staying warm. Another waterproof option is Gerbing’s GT heated glove in premium leather - stylish as well as functional. There’s also a soft, close-fitting glove liner that’s designed to be worn under existing gloves or mitts. 

A heated jacket liner

They are snug and comfortable, tailored compression-fit heated jackets that provide easily controllable heat all round and come with or without sleeves (gilet-style). They are constructed with a soft, wind-resistant nylon shell and are lightweight and easy to pack. 

Heated socks 

Eliminate cold feet for ever with Gerbing's heated socks. These socks feature heating elements strategically placed on both the top and the bottom of the foot, completely surrounding your feet with warmth. 

We’re here to help

Do get in touch with us here if you would like some personalised advice on which heated clothing is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Meantime, stay warm and stay safe!