The Gerbing Xtreme heated motorcycle glove - New for '22

The Gerbing Xtreme heated motorcycle glove - New for '22

Gerbing, the global market leader in heated motorcycle clothing, continually refines its technology and design to help create the best and safest riding experience. For winter 2022, we proudly present our brand-new and hottest heated motorcycle glove yet: the Xtreme.

What is so good about Gerbing’s new Xtreme range of heated motorcycle gloves?

We know our customers love a Gerbing heated motorcycle glove, because they tell us so - check out our five-star reviews! But from time to time, we get feedback saying that they would be even better if they were even hotter. So, we’re delighted to say that we’ve given our gloves a makeover, incorporating the latest heating technology to design the Xtreme range, which creates about 30% more warmth than before. 

While we were improving the heating properties of our motorbike gloves, we tweaked them to improve dexterity, giving them an even better feel when controlling the bike and thereby improving safety. The length of the thumb has been adjusted and there is a little less material between the thumb and the index finger so that hand movement is even easier.

New heated motorcycle glove range - Gerbing Xtreme

How do I get maximum heat from the Xtreme heated motorcycle glove?

Gerbing Xtreme motorbike gloves use patented MicroWirePRO® technology to keep your hands warm on the coldest of days. The gloves can be powered in two ways. First, and most suitable for long journeys, is connecting your gloves to your motorbike’s battery using the harness and cable. The second is using small, rechargeable lithium batteries, which fit comfortably inside a specially designed pocket inside the cuff of each glove. This can be especially handy for short journeys on the bike. Like all our gloves, the new Xtreme range can also be powered directly through the integrated cuff plugs of the Gerbing Heated jacket liner.

The level of warmth is easily adjusted via the integrated push-button controller on top of the glove. The new Gerbing Xtreme motorcycle gloves are seriously hot so, with safety first in mind, at the time of purchase the hottest setting for the gloves is de-activated. To permanently activate this setting, please follow the straightforward instructions supplied.

30% hotter heated motorcycle gloves from Gerbing

Which is the right Xtreme heated motorcycle glove for me?

There are three different designs of glove in Gerbing’s new Xtreme range. All are waterproof, windproof and breathable, come complete with hard knuckle protection and offer the same toasty levels of heat.  The Defender Xtreme is a tactile glove, with a mid-length cuff made of textiles and leather at an accessible price point. The Urban Xtreme is a classic, full-leather glove with a shorter cuff, embodying the vintage look. The Evo Xtreme is a super-premium heated motorcycle glove with a longer cuff, made from textile and leather, offering unrivalled lightness and dexterity.

About Gerbing.... probably the best heated clothing company in the world

Gerbing has been designing and manufacturing heated clothing for more than 40 years. Created for anyone exposed to the elements, our kit is used by the armed forces, the police force, the health service, motorcyclists, pilots, athletes and individuals with limited mobility. Gerbing is born from aeronautics, fuelled by a passion for motorsports and engineered to withstand the coldest of conditions.

Gerbing is so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the heating elements of all our garments. Our Lifetime Guarantee means that if you should ever experience a fault with your heated motorcycle glove - or any of your Gerbing kit - return it to us and we will either make a full repair or replace the garment FREE OF CHARGE - terms apply, of course.

If you’d like any advice on which heated motorcycle glove is right for you, please contact us. Our friendly team will be happy to help.